The four lessons below should be completed in order, one per week. If this is your first module, the lessons should be completed during Weeks 1-4. If this is your second module, the lessons should be completed during Weeks 5-8.

Lesson One

When one mentions Divination to a non-believer, they often picture a stereotypical so-called fortune-teller hovering over a crystal ball. We, of course, know there’s much more to Divination than that! However, a crystal ball is one Divination item used for Scrying, which is the branch of Divination done by gazing into an object.

Scrying can be done with a variety of reflective or translucent objects:

  • Crystal ball
  • Mirror
  • Water
  • Wax
  • Clouds
  • Smoke
  • Eye

In general, to practice Scrying, you must achieve a state of relaxation. This is what we will be focusing on this week as it can be the most challenging aspect of this method! Every Seer does this in a different way, but some suggestions are to light candles, play soft music, sit on a comfortable cushion, turn out the lights, and focus on your breathing. Achieving a state of relaxation may take some time, so you must be patient. Your goal is to clear your mind and feel peaceful yet alert. As you enter this state, you should allow your eyes to remain slightly out of focus.

Assignment: Please answer the following questions and submit your answers in the Owlery.

1. What do the objects use for Scrying have in common? Why is this trait important? 5 points

2. Attempt to achieve a state of relaxation. You may use the suggestions in this lesson or look up additional meditation strategies. There are apps and audio tracks that may help as well. If you are unsuccessful the first time, you may want to try again another day.

Afterwards, write a paragraph describing your experience. Were you able to clear your mind? What strategies helped you? How did you feel when you reached this state? 15 points

Lesson Two

Now that you’ve achieved a state of relaxation, you’re ready to begin Scrying. This week, we’ll be studying Catoptromancy. This form of Divination involves gazing into a mirror and making predictions based on its reflection.

Although Catoptromancy is an ancient method of divining, some Seers still practice it today, and it’s quite easy to do so! Supplies for Catoptromancy could be purchased in Diagon Alley as recently as 1991 in the store Janus Galloglass, but any mirror will do.

To practice Catoptromancy, you’ll first need to achieve a state of relaxation as we practiced last week. In general, gazing is a flexible type of divination; you may have a question in mind to be answered, a topic that you’d like some insight into, or an open mind seeking information about the present or future.

Once you’ve achieved a state of relaxation, simply turn your mirror to the moon in order to catch its reflection. You’ll need to ensure that you are otherwise surrounded by darkness so that the moon’s reflection is the only light you see. Remember, to properly Scry, your eyes must be relaxed and slightly out of focus.

Gaze at the mirror and observe any shapes and symbols that may appear. If your eyes are truly relaxed, the symbols may change over time. Take a few minutes to truly absorb  the symbols – do not just glance quickly!

Now, once you find an image, how will you know what it means? The more practice you get with Divination, the more familiar you’ll be with the various symbols that you’ll encounter. Whether you’re reading branches on the forest floor, gazing into a crystal ball, or interpreting dreams, symbols tend to be consistent. The following are some websites you may want to use as resources; you’re also welcome to do your own research and consult other websites, but please list them as sources if you do.

Assignment: Please answer the following questions and submit your answers in the Owlery.

1. The word Catoptromancy originates from the Greek words katoptron and manteia, meaning divination/prophecy. What do you think katoptron means? 5 points

2. How can gazing be described as flexible? 5 points

3. Try it out! First, use this website to find out the current moonrise and moonset time. You’ll need to change the location to your own by typing a local city into the box labeled Place or country. Then, scroll down to check when the moon will be visible from your location.* Enter a relaxed state and use a mirror to gaze into the moon’s reflection. Observe the symbols you see in order to answer your question or gain insight about a topic. Describe your experience and what you learned. 10 points

*If the moon will only be visible during daylight or when you are asleep, you can use a low flashlight or another direct source of light to simulate the moon. DO NOT use a bright light – you may damage your eyes. If you are unable to simulate the moon effectively, you may use your imagination. 🙂

Lesson Three

Scrying methods vary only minimally from one sub-branch to another. Today, we’ll be discussing two other methods of gazing. For both of these methods, you’ll need to enter a meditative state and relax your eyes.


You may be able to guess by the Greek root hydro – in this method, we’ll be gazing into water. However, while Catoptromancy uses moonlight to form shapes in mirrors, Hydromancy involves observing shapes within the water itself. Different seers prefer slightly different methods of water-gazing; some gaze into running water or a puddle or basin during rainfall. However, for those gazing into still water, dropping pebbles or hanging a ring or key on a thread creates ripples in the water that can be observed.


The most well-known form of Scrying, crystal-gazing involves peering into a crystal ball in order to observe and interpret images. Crystal balls are typically around 4 inches in diameter and can be any color, but genuine rock-crystal is preferred as it provides the crystal swirls which will be studied.

Once you find an image in either of these methods, you’ll interpret the symbols in the same way that you did last lesson. The following are some websites you may want to use as resources; you’re also welcome to do your own research and consult other websites, but please list them as sources if you do.

Assignment: Please answer the following questions and submit your answers in the Owlery.

1. Crystal balls come in a variety of colors; do you think it matters what color you choose? Explain. 5 points

2. Which method of water-gazing would you prefer? Why? 5 points

3. Try it out! If you have a crystal ball, great – otherwise, find some water, enter a relaxed state, and gaze away. Describe what you observe and your interpretations of the symbols you see. 10 points

Lesson Four

This week’s lesson is a practical, occurring in the Windowless Classroom. Please visit there for instructions.

If for some reason you are not able to complete this assignment as scheduled, please PM me for an alternate assignment.